What makes us special

IMIS is a unique networking professional body that is very different from others. A number of things make it a very special organisation.

We are special by encouraging you to be better at what you do by learning about the work and industry developments of others in our industry, as well as from knowledge from your own discipline. 

By encouraging you to network and collaborate with other disciplines we promote gaining a much better understanding of “the bigger picture” of the moving image industries, and hence improve your own knowledge, personal network, and position within our fast changing industries. 

What makes us special is our passion for networking and the synergy that happens when different specialisms come together.

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An Essential Additional Membership

We recognise that as a professional, your first body of membership will be in your own field of expertise. IMIS’s membership is complimentary, affordable, and essential to expanding your horizon. We are the essential second professional body which you should join to understand the bigger picture of our industries. 

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We have a great history

Founded in 1931, BKS – BKSTS – IMIS is one of the longest continuously active professional bodies for the moving image industries in the World. It has an illustrious history – past members have included many industry legends such as Alfred Hitchcock and David Lean. Sir David Attenborough and Lord David Puttnam are honorary members.

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We’re non-elitist

Being non elitist we are open to all, including those outside, but passionate about our industry. Our increasingly diverse membership brings together different specialisms, students, new entrants and older experienced professionals – people at every level. 

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Learning from the future, present and past

We have a large archive of learned published material charting the history of the moving image industries back to 1931 – with in addition video presentations available in our members area.

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Professional Recognition

Members reaching a certain grade of membership can use post nominal letters.

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We’re international!

We have an international membership, with members spanning across multiple countries.

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We’re government authorised

IMIS is authorised by the UK Government to act as an accreditor for University Film and Moving Image Production Courses. 

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