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Our mission is to expand our members’ skillsets, grow their networks, and lead to further career development. We aim to make our members even more employable!

How we do this

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Whether you’re starting your career or 50 years in, we believe that there is always more to learn, and there are always opportunities to improve. We also believe that a healthy amount of knowledge about other departments or areas of the industry may open to potential expansion or career development. We offer our members events and presentations. Members who are not able to attend events are able to watch them for free both via livestream or on-demand.

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That adage that the more people you know the more likely you will get jobs, but our belief goes beyond that—we believe that the more people know YOU, the more likely you will get jobs. All of our events offer an opportunity to network with others across the industry. We facilitate networking with people in the same area as you with our communities.

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We believe in having properly prepared members of the industry and so facilitate training both in person and on-line. We also believe in making appropriate referral recomendations of our members to other industry professionals.

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We should never stop being inspired. We want to plant that spark of an idea that grows into a new piece of technology, a new project, a new merging of platforms, a new experiment, or whatever it may be.

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