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Storyliving: Exploring Narrative with Immersive Technology

Dr Sarah Jones holds the world’s first PhD in immersive storytelling. In this exciting talk, Jones will speak about her experience as an immersive media creator and about disrupting traditional storytelling.

‘Storyliving’ will open up different ideas around narratives in immersive forms and how experiences can be created. It will bring together the ideas behind the technology while also exploring the craft around narratives in immersive forms, such as:

  • Filming conventions
  • Go-to cameras
  • Developing and producing content
  • Working outside of conventions

Sarah is listed as one of the global influencers within virtual reality, has produced a number of immersive media films shown across the world and recently gave evidence to the UK Government on Immersive Technologies.

About Dr Sarah Jones

Dr Sarah Jones is the Head of School of Media at Birmingham City University. Jones’ practice and research sits within emerging technologies and the development of immersive experiential films.

Through her PhD, Jones has explored the reimagining of media through Storyliving, where through an experimental approach, narratives are no longer directed, leaving open the experience of the viewer.

As a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Jones’ previously served on the board of the Association of Journalism Educators. She is also a Trustee of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and hold’s external roles at Northampton, Leeds Trinity and is an examiner for the NCTJ.

Previously, Jones worked for ITV as a correspondent and news anchor where she won awards for investigative and immersive reporting. In 2007, she spent a year on secondment to New York for GMTV following Presidential candidates on the campaign trail.