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Producing Immersive Media: An Introduction to Interactive Immersive Moving Images

Event details

Come join us as Executive Digital Producer Muki Kulhan will present: Producing Immersive Media – An Introduction to Interactive Immersive Moving Images.

Kulhan will give us an expanded snapshot of the immersive technology sector from her experience in the music, broadcasting and entertainment sectors, while delving into:

  • Immersive Technology – What is it?
  • An Introduction to Immersive Moving Image
  • Producing Scripted and Unscripted Content
  • Project Concept to Completion; Getting Your Idea Funded
  • Project Show & Tell
  • The Future of Moving Image

Kulhan will also discuss her hands-on experience of being an Executive and Immersive VR Producer with the BBC on 360 video productions and also also her extensive R&D work with peers such as IBC, MWC, Arri/Volucap studios, Sky, InnovateUK and more. She’ll also share her opinions on the future of immersive technology, and what might lie ahead for these fast-changing formats.


Muki is an award-winning Executive Digital Producer with over two decades creating groundbreaking content for music, broadcasting, entertainment and tech innovation.

After 10 years growing MTV’s digital and interactive platforms in the ‘00s, she now runs her own digital production company Muki-International, producing immersive 360°VR/AR/MR experiences, live social content, digital strategies and in-depth industry R&D for TV, Music & A-List artists.

Recent clients and highlights include BOSE AR, the Abbey Roads Studios Spatial Audio Forum, and being a judge for the Broadcast Digital Awards, IBC Young Pioneer Award and the VR Awards 2019.

Currently, she is exec’ing with Playlines AR studios location-based, immersive AR rap-experience, Harry Shotta’s ‘Consequences’, which was a finalist for the “Innovation in Storytelling Prize” at NYC’s Future of Storytelling Summit 2018. and runner-up at Opera Beyond, the Finnish National Opera’s tech innovation prize.

And, as the BBC’s Digital Executive for The Voice UK (s4&5), she produced “The Virtual Voice’, the first-ever series of 360°VR for a Saturday flagship show.

Muki regularly keynotes and chairs at scores of media and tech conferences worldwide including IBC where she is on the Content Steering Group, and Diversity & Inclusion Committees, as well as other tech shows like Dublin Music x Tech Summit, Berlin Music:Most Wanted, MWC/4YFN, BAFTA, VR World Congress, Zurich Film Festival, FutureBook Live, Cambridge Wireless, BIME, Wearable Tech Show and more.

Muki is proud to deputy-host the popular monthly meet-up ‘Augmenting Reality’ at London’s Microsoft Reactor, and is an active member of the Royal Television Society, Women in Immersive Tech and the British Screen Advisory Council.