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Being a Visual Con Man: 30 Years of Ad Shoots and What Went Wrong

Award-winning cinematographer Geoff Boyle, NSC, FBKS, talks about the inns and outs of shooting commercials, and the visual manipulation used to tell those very short powerful stories.

’30 years of being a visual conman, that’s what we are, we con you into believing that something looks good and that you want it.’
Geoff Boyle

He will talk about:

  • The fundamentals of shooting a viable commercial
  • His vast experience of visual manipulation and association
  • Tips and tricks from a lifetime of visual ‘conning’ artistry

‘Got a Brownie 127 when I was 8, no looking back’ says Boyle. With his fingers in many pies, he attended art school in the UK then became an assistant in fashion photography and advertising followed by music videos and documentaries. After 30 years of shooting commercials, he started working on movies and TV series.

Films Geoff Boyle worked on:

  • About a Girl (BAFTA winning short film, 2002)
  • Enemy At The Gates
  • Mutant Chronicles
  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li 35mm DI
  • Wallander
  • Graces Story
  • Bait (The Taking)

Geoff Boyle strongly believes in sharing his experience and training people. Since 1996 he has been teaching workshops and spreading his knowledge in New York, London, Bucharest, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Brussells, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, Auckland, Colombo, Hannover and Mumbai.